Self-discipline – shmishipline

15 09 2007

Yesterday (in an attempt to get more writing done) I googled self-discipline to see if there was something I could do to speed up the process.

Step one. Announced the article. Acknowledge your own responsibility. Admit that if you sit around doing nothing, you will achieve nothing.

Obviously the author of this article has no family, friends or life in general if they think anyone looking for hints on self-discipline is sitting around doing nothing. In fact, isn’t it usually the case that people looking for help in any sort of area are the ones already doing better than they think, but are just too damn busy to realise? Self-discipline, as described by this particular article, isn’t the thing that stops me getting that first draft written.

I decided to delve further and search for more clues.

Step four. Now act.

Honestly, is this the most woeful advice or what? ‘Now act’ is a limp voiced ‘boo’ to a raging case of hiccups. ‘Now act’ tells me nothing. What it should say is ‘stop googling stuff on the net and start writing’. Now that’s good advice. I should listen to myself more often… or start writing a self-help book instead of a young adult novel. Anyway, I’m off… to write.





One response

8 01 2008

very interesting.
i’m adding in RSS Reader

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