Hinchinbrook Island: Hardcore relaxation

19 09 2007

A friend of mine has just come back from Fiji and she’s still floating (metaphorically-speaking) on 10 days of waves lapping the shore just outside their beach hut, water of the perfect colour and temperature, cocktails and smiling, happy people…

A beach holiday sounds perfect. In fact, we’re off to the coast ourselves next week. Except I’m carefully packing bush camping gear, insect repellent, dehydrated food, snake bandages and two changes of undies into a backpack that looks big enough to carry ME.

We’re getting ready to walk the Thorsborne Trail on remote and beautiful Hinchinbrook Island, off the Queensland coast near Townsville. When I say remote, I’m talking about the only way out being by emergency helicopter evacuation – or on foot.

So once the ferry drops you off, you’re on your own. Unless you count the company of estuarine crocs, marine stingers, bush rats that steal your food, and a variety of bitey insects.

I’m sure I’ll appreciate the cloud-covered mountains, fragile heath vegetation, patches of lush rainforest, sweeping sandy beaches and rocky headlands – once I’ve dumped my pack for the day.

Did I mention I won’t be able to have a wine for a week? But there’s bound to be plenty of whine-ing going on! The whole ‘experienced and fit bushwalkers’ thing has me shaking in my sturdy, reliable footwear. What was I thinking?

Next time my intrepid adventurer partner decides we need a holiday, I’m going to be there when he books it. I mean, who wants a holiday involving lapping azure blue water, cocktails and happy, smiling people?

Don’t worry, if I get out alive, I’ll invite you to the (cyber) slide night. Yaye.





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17 10 2007
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