But my mobile phone was out of credit…

10 10 2007

I’m always amazed by those adorable, on-the-ball toddlers who save their critically ill parent by dialling 000 and telling the ambulance how to get to their house. Stories like those never fail to bring a tear to my eye. Mainly because none of those kids live in my house.

We’ve tried to teach our bunch emergency response plans over the years, but honestly… they can be stuck somewhere late at night, their mobile phone is out of credit, and they can’t call us. Apparently.

Try a public phone, I say. Or call us before you leave work so we can meet you somewhere.

Oh, we didn’t think of that.

Before you think I’m a parent with my head in the sand (she says, draining some gritty stuff out of her ears) I have to say our kids tell us way more than we need to know about their lives. You know that stuff about not wanting to know what your parents got up to? It works both ways.

This isn’t about covering their tracks so much as not knowing what to do when things don’t go to plan…

Which brings me back to mobile phones.

Our policy has always been that we won’t buy our kids a mobile phone – or credit. Even if other parents do it for their kids (which, of course, they regularly point out to us). Even if we want them to be able to call us when they really need to.

Even if they lose their $200 mobile phone a week after they buy it with their birthday money. We call that a cheap lesson (more about that another time).

I don’t question the fact that we all want our kids to be as safe as possible, and we see a mobile phone as one way to achieve that. What I do question is whether we’re fooling ourselves (or they’re fooling us) just a tiny bit.


The fact is, you can buy them all the credit you like, but the rate kids txt msg these days, they’d probably be out of credit when they need it most.

What did we do before mobile phones? How did we survive, get out of trouble, find our way home?

We had to do more planning before we went anywhere – like how were we getting home, did we need a lift, would there be buses, did we have change for a phone or money for a taxi?

All of us girls knew our killer heels were more than just a fashion item – and that a swift kick in the right spot could make a bloke crumple at the knees.

Maybe it’s time we let our kids know it’s a jungle out there and how to deal with it. After all, there isn’t always mobile phone reception.





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10 10 2007

i totally agree. makes you wonder what would happen to the majority if society broke down!

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