Writing resolutions

1 01 2008

It’s the first day of the new year and I will definitely be counting my blog contribution as part of the day’s word count. Why? Well really, it’s a difficult day, filled with so much hope, so many resolutions and not a few expectations. And what a disaster if we fail at fulfilling our resolutions on the very first day? Tragic.

That said, I have pulled out my trusty, dog-eared copy of Dorothea Brande’s Becoming a writer. First published in 1934, the book is one of those gems you come to rely on as a writer… just to remind yourself that it’s about the writing and not some magical process the novel writing fairies forgot to tell you about. Brande recommends writing every day and training yourself to write when required, instead of waiting for the muse. Perhaps this is where blogging can actually be a writer’s tool, rather than the inanity Doris Lessing suggests it can become. If a blog can get us writing every day, can make us think more about the writing than the potential audience (because for all the people passing their days reading blogs there are still an awful lot unread), can help us develop a habit that could improve our skills or just make us think a bit more, then isn’t it worth doing?

Well I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

Hopefully this month you’ll get to read a review of Simon Higgins Tomadachi. It’s published by Pulp Fiction Press and I was lucky enough to be given a copy last time I visited the fantastic Pulp Fiction bookstore. I also picked up the Uglies series while I was there, so perhaps I might write something on that for the few people left who haven’t heard of this great series by Scott Westerfeld.

Enough for today. I don’t want to peak too early. And I suppose I must write a bit of the novel if word count resolutions are to be met.

Good luck with all your resolutions, especially those involving word counts.





One response

3 01 2008

You go, sista. Even though resolutions get broken, what would we do without new years to stop us in our headlong rush and make us think about what we want our lives to look like… So while the muse is off recovering from too much partying, it’s time for all us writers to start forming (good) habits. I’ve already got my notebook packed for our NZ trip… I’m expecting your word count to be posted and proud when I get back, Sash 🙂


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