Resolutions, adventures and writing progress

18 01 2008

Well, the year is speeding along at full pace again – after only slowing down for a quick bite at Christmas. But I’m not letting myself get sucked into the frantic pace this year, after really burning out in December last. My NYRs are not to take life too seriously and to have more adventures.

So far I’ve got sore shoulders from shrugging and saying “oh well”…and I took adventures one step too far when my first attempt at sea kayaking (on holidays in NZ) ended up with my partner and I paddling frantically in 2 metre swells.

I admit, it was a blast – especially when we finally made it to our destination in one piece. There’s something about near-death experiences that put you right in the moment…

Enough about adventures, the big news is I’ve written 14,000 words of a new novel. It’s supposed to be about being a ‘wicked stepmother’ but I’m having such fun with the divorce and recovery process, I think it might become a series… then again, it may never leave the house.

I’ve also joined Romance Writers of Australia – not because I’m writing a romance, but because there’s a little romance in every story, and I may as well learn how to write it from the experts.

Did I mention I’ve given up alcohol for three months because of allergies. Why can’t I be like a normal person and have a gluten or dairy intolerance?

Well, I can’t hang around here chatting all day – there’s adventures to have and work to be done…

ciao for now


Seals at Abel Tasman NP in NZ




2 responses

18 01 2008

I think those are fantastic NYRs 🙂 Just be careful with the kayaking!

I ran across your post on the Writing tag and thought I would just say hi. So… hi 🙂

And congrats on the 14k words! I just finished the first draft of my novel, so I know how proud a writer gets from being able to put down a crazy number of words 🙂

Anyway, best of luck to you!

5 02 2008

Well done, authoressa! I know there’s something amazingly satisfying about writing the end… enjoy!

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