Hold on, you’re moving too fast…

21 01 2008

Today I turn 40-something – way too close to F-for-fifty. But before you run screaming from the room (I did!) let me tell you, it’s not all bad.

…even if birthday cakes are beginning to look more like weapons of mass distress than anything resembling a celebratory food item.

But a crazy-lady blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the M-word. If you hate PMT, just wait for menopause, dahling. Joy!

Whoever came up with the whole ‘power surges’ thing was a victim of too much positive thinking. Imagine sticking a fork in a power point (usually in the middle of a meeting) and making THAT fun.

But let’s look on the bright side – and with all those surges, we’ve sure got enough power for illumination.

There are good things about menopause. Like giving your daughters every last sanitary product you have left over, and NEVER having a tampon fall out of your handbag at a stranger’s feet again.

Thinking… thinking… okay, I’ll get back to you later on all the other fabulous things about menopause.

Right now I’m being whisked off to a secret location for my birthday celebration. Which this year doesn’t involve dangling from hangliders or jumping out of a plane, I hope.

Elle (still crazy after all these years)




2 responses

4 02 2008

Enjoy your blog. I too am focusing on the joys of midlife!! Wonder if we could create mirror blogroll links? I will put a link on my site today. Check it out at: http://www.midlifejourney.com

Let me know if this is ok with you. Thanks. – PM, editor

5 02 2008

Thanks PM – have put your link in our blogroll! Lots of great stuff on yours too 🙂

…on with the journey


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