We’re still here – and writing (just)

29 05 2008

It’s been too long since Sash and I ventured into blog-land. Both of us are trying to complete manuscripts… Sash for a creative writing masters, me because I’m going to drown in my own neurosis if I don’t (can you do that?).

So we’re both busy writing – or thinking about writing as we taxi the kids around and keep up with work commitments. And the rest.

So I’m laying it on the line here. I’m up to 29,400 words (up from 20,000 two weeks ago) and keeping at it. I’ve been a bit menopausal lately, so I’m channelling the rage and writing all those fabulous confrontational scenes (gotta love women’s issues hey?).

So how about you Sash? What’s happening in your world of Young Adult Fiction??

x Elle




One response

6 06 2008

I’m afraid I’m not prepared to commit to a word count in this public forum – my supervisor might be reading!

I’m also taking a quick break from reading YA (which I do love) and am reading Anne Enright’s The Gathering. I heard the author on a recent Radio National podcast and she was very funny and clever and her reading of the novel sounded great so I went out and bought it. Of course, I’m not very far into it because of all the writing I’ve been doing. H-hmm (nervous throat clearing).

Okay! So I’ve only written about 800 words this week. Will this first draft never end! God I hate first drafts. Phew. Feeling a lot better now. Thanks Elle.

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