Getting the balance right

21 08 2008

For the past week, I’ve been walking around with a crashing headache and have taken ‘seriously crabby bitch’ to the next level.

Not that I’m taking it out on anyone (of course I wouldn’t, she lies). But I’ve been finding it hard to think straight or even speak with any lucidity. Some people think I’m tipsy. Most don’t notice (hmmm, that’s not a good thing, is it?).

No, it’s not early onset of dementia. It’s getting healthy – which involves the D-word (detoxing, I’ve discovered, is no fun at all).

I went to see a very lovely nutritionist/naturopath – and now I’m on a quest to improve the function of my adrenal glands, balance my hormones, and possibly even reveal my six-pack (which has been in the cooler-pack for way too long).

Apart from taking as many pills and potions as my 80-something mother does, I’m on a super healthy eating plan – which doesn’t involve chocolate, wine, coffee, or rice, pasta, bread, crackers, potatoes or yummy anything.

If it wasn’t for the damn headache (which drugs don’t budge) and having to be conscious of what I eat, I’d be feeling fine. I just really hate having to focus on food ALL the time – because that’s what happens when you’ve got to plan every meal and snack (like I have the time – or the inclination to hang around in health food stores).

So yesterday the voice of reason kicked in (aka: non-compliance, failure, whatev…) and I had a coffee and a slice of bread with vegemite (slap! slap!).

Almost instantly, the headache disappeared – and so did the bad mood.

Now, I’m not saying this whole detox, eat healthy, live forever stuff isn’t great – and I’m not giving up on ‘the plan’. I’ve just decided moderation is much more my style…

Besides, at my age I need all the preservatives I can get.

x Elle





2 responses

21 08 2008

that is just the way it is.. 😉

21 08 2008
Rebecca Briggs

Cute. I am diagnosing caffeine withdrawal.


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