too busy to write…

26 11 2008

Writing – or the avoidance of it – is a full-time activity. I think wannabe (ahem, let’s be kind to ourselves and call it ‘struggling’) writers have really clean houses, and lots of things ticked off their list every day – except the ‘writing’ one. Which after a while, we don’t bother adding to the list because, well, avoidance has moved quietly into denial.

And denial is evil. It’s the voice in your head that whispers (well, shouting would be too obvious, wouldn’t it):

  • You have more important things to do. Yes, a tidy house is important. Don’t we all want that on our headstones? “She kept a tidy home. May she RIP (because she needs it).”
  • Your client/boss has an emergency job that has to be done. yesterday. And you’ve forgotten that lovely response: “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”
  • Your kids/husband/mother/great aunt dot needs attention
  • Your dog needs to be walked. Your cat needs a kidney transplant
  • The shopping has to be done or we’ll starve. Because nobody else in the house can grocery shop like you
  • It’s christmas. You need to deck the halls, spend ridiculous amounts of money on things no-one wants or, if they do, will be broken by New Year, and you need to buy tons of food for the big Christmas feast and the long holiday (um, the shops only close for Christmas…)
  • You have no RIGHT to spent quality time on you. What do you think this is? YOUR life?

I’m sure you’ve got a few to add to the list… you’re welcome! We need to out these crazy thoughts so we can do something about it.

Clearly, I’m way too busy to write. Which is why I did. Go grrrrl!!






2 responses

17 01 2009
Emma Newman

Here’s another one: “You need to research how to get published / how to write / how other people keep writing after learning all of those things.”

Oh, and another : “I need to check in on my favourite blogs to see how all the other aspiring writers are doing.”

The latter is my current favourite – hence my being here and not over there, writing ;o)

19 01 2009

I agree, Emma… I loved your ‘the ultimate freedom’ post. Of course, I read it instead of writing…but it was worth it 🙂

Now i just wish i could work out how to add the hyperlink to it in this comment. Hmmm, another distraction… eek.

elle x

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