Daily writing – I’ve blown my new habit already!

29 01 2009

Like sooooo many other people, I started the year (yet another – this is getting tedious) with the New Year’s Resolution of writing everyday. This wasn’t just any old resolution though. I was on a mission. I needed to finish my draft for submission for my master’s degree. So finally, this year, (unlike any other) I did write every day. 

Then I finished. 

Then I started editing. 

And now it’s nearly February and I’ve realised that I haven’t actually ‘written’ for over a week. Yikes. Such a great habit was forming and I’ve blown it already.

Anyway, it made me realise how important it is to have other projects to contribute to outside of the novel. Because sometimes, let’s face it, you need to step away from the writing of the novel to complete the novel. You need time away from you work in order to look at it with fresh eyes. Time away from it because you’ve been writing it and re-reading it for so long that you are (dare I say it?) bored with it. 

So what, as writers,  do we do this problem? I’ve heard of writers having several novels on the go. But I think it would be the death knell for all of my novel ideas if I started trying to write multiple novels at once. Instead, (and Elle will be pleased about this) I’ve realised how important it is to keep on blogging; that I should start journaling again, and; that all writing counts, so why not use part of our creativity to come up with fresh ways to practise our craft each day. 

And having a writing partner helps too. Elle is currently taking a masterclass in scriptwriting and will no doubt come back inspired enough for both of us! 

I’m sure you’ve all got some great ideas on how to keep on writing – be brave, share your thoughts.





2 responses

30 01 2009
Emma Newman

How to keep writing… not a big question then?

It’s a good question. I too am mired in The Big Edit – but I find that I need to leave a good month or so to get some distance from it to do a good job. Or at least as good a job as the writer can do (I have massive blind spots).

I have found that blogging has been great for writing more regularly, but it is only one type of writing muscle, so I agree, there may be a need to find something else during these editing periods. Uh-oh… that’ll be the second book in the trilogy then…

When in a project, I find the best way to keep writing is to make myself sit down and write even when I’m not in the mood. The relevation (credit must go to Julia Cameron here) that being in the mood to write is luxury did great stuff for my productivity. It can be a slow cranky start, but sometimes, when I find my stride, that lack of mood becomes irrelevant.

30 01 2009

So picking up the five year old’s DS and finding yourself addicted to Pokemon would not be a good idea then.

Phew! Glad I didn’t do that.

(Sash skulks off to remove battery from DS and hide it from herself.)

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