Pokemon addiction

30 01 2009

WARNING – If you are a writer, do not pick up this game. EVER.

I have just wasted the best part of several hours (I won’t tell you how many – I’m too embarrassed) ‘evolving’ (I didn’t even know what that meant in relation to this game this morning) a giant bird creature for my five year old. The worst part was, I was supposed to be editing. The other worst part was, I kept telling myself I was doing it for the five year old. The next worst thing is, I know she’ll have forgotten she asked me to do it by this afternoon, won’t care that I have, and I will have done zilch editing.

Does it really matter if the giant bird creature evolves and gets his three pronged crown thingy? No. 

Readers… this has been a sad, sad day for the procrastinator I thought I’d managed to get rid of. 





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