Turning up to the desk…

15 05 2009
Do what you love to do...

Do what you love to do...

I love writing… almost as much as I love kayaking (which is my latest ‘thing’).

But turning up to the desk to write is harder to do than loading the kayak on the car, driving to the river, unloading it, and getting it down to the river.

Admittedly, I have EB’s help with the kayak, but the point is – I actually make the time to kayak, but I don’t make the time to write.

The problem with turning up to the desk, to write my novel or anything creative that doesn’t pay the bills, is that I don’t feel like I have the right to do it.

Unlike kayaking, which is great exercise, total stress-relief, and QT with EB!

Back home, and planning to write, I come unstuck. The dishes and the washing are piling up. I’ve got paid work I need to get done. There are bills to pay, marketing to do, clients to call.

And then there’s facebook, twitter, blogs, emails, phonecalls, and just about anything that will (and does) distract me.

I’ve been putting some things into place recently that really work, like:

  • scheduling in my writing and exercise time at the beginning of every week – and working around those things
  • fooling the resistance, by only scheduling writing in for 1 hour at a time
  • treating my writing projects as ‘real’ projects, i.e. not everything has to have a dollar value or earn money (even in a recession)
  • Recognising that some things are as essential to our wellbeing as breathing is to our survival.

Then, this morning, I came across Dean Jackson’s 50-minute focus finder presentation. If you’ve got 50 minutes to spare (and let’s face it, if we eliminate all the distractions, we all have!), you’ll get so much out it. It gave me some new ideas, and backed up some ideas I’ve been putting into practice (don’t you love that?).

What do you do to fool ‘the resistance’ (the voices in your head that tell you everything else is more important, and nobody would be interested in what you write anyway!)? I’d love to hear…

elle x




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