Making procrastination an artform

6 07 2009

Why am I here? I shouldn’t be here. Not now. Not with two deadlines facing me – and both worth $$ to me. But instead of knuckling down, I’ve been caught up in administrivia all morning.

Yes, you have to do this stuff when you run a business (and a household), but it helps to actually earn money, rather than just let deadlines whoosh past.

Administrivia is just another word for procrastination. And I’ve made it an artform. Because it’s easier to fuddle around paying bills, and sorting emails, and stuff than it is to face the blank page. And hey, while I’m at it, I’ll put on a load of washing and clean the kitchen (gotta love the home office!).

I sometimes wonder why I write for a living, and for recreation. Clearly, I’m a sucker for punishment – or I just love playing with words.

So I’ve eliminated all my excuses so far. I’ve done the admin, done the washing, even paid for my ticket to the Byron Bay Writers Festival next month. Now…it’s almost midday. It must be time to face my copywriting jobs. Wish me luck!

elle x




2 responses

14 04 2010
the cat

Ah the harshness of the inner critic. Hope this strategy of beating yourself up is working…;)

3 12 2011


I like your thoughts on procrastination. I find that I procrastinate significantly less if I enjoy what I’m doing, and so, I don’t exactly procrastinate on writing as much as I would on other things. However, during college, procrastination was my life… sometimes I’d procrastinate past the due date of whatever assignment I was doing. I even got away with it.

MyForgottenPen (A Progressive Writing Guide)

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