sliding sideways – into the ‘art of moi’

24 07 2009
Louise (Elle) and Sandra (Sash)

Louise (Elle) and Sandra (Sash)

We’re sliding in sideways… into another blog. It’s called the art of moi, and it came out of us finding it so hard to make time to write. And we started asking ourselves when we might get around to it – since we seem to be driving the emergency response vehicle in everyone else’s lives.

The art of moi is about putting yourself back in the picture. It sounds very unhealthy, but it’s not about turning into divas. If it was, we’d have a long way to go.

We always seem to be working on finding time for ourselves, and getting past the guilt trippin’, so we figured you might be doing the same thing. That’s where it came from – who know’s where it’s going. Come along for the ride.

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2 responses

11 08 2009

Finding time to write is THE problem. But part of it is a mental block—thinking that if you do write, it has to be profound, and long, and full of deep meaning. Sometimes, it’s best to just let it flow. Right now I am sitting in my bathrobe having just taken a shower. I have about five minutes to scan my mail, see what’s cookin’… and dry off a bit before I get dressed for work. I do this everyday… and during this “dry off,” I blog. Quick thoughts, that sometimes lead to longer ones… but it keeps me going.

13 08 2009

You are so right.
But it is winter here. I won’t be scanning any emails in my bathrobe!

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