365 days of writing

2 01 2010

As a writer, I do write virtually every day. But this year I’m attempting to write ‘creatively’ every day.

Yesterday (just to get the ball rolling) I wrote the script outline I’d been promising a friend for ages and sent it off. It’s for an episode of a children’s television series (I would have to kill you if I told you which one). So three pages outlining the plot counts for me. And you’d be surprised how challenging it can be to work out the plot details in that small amount of space – and how much of the plot you can work out.

So that’s one day down, 364 to go. Today I’m working on my entry for the One Book Many Brisbanes short story competition. It’s due in on Friday so it could well take up the next few days. This one’s a dystopian speculative fairytale. (Is that a legitimate category? If not, I’m claiming it as my own.)

I’m hoping a year of dedication to the more creative side of my work will lead to a whole heap of rewards this year.

And good luck to everyone, whatever your writing endeavours this year.





One response

14 04 2010
the cat

Goodness youse are real writers now – published ‘an all! I am waiting with baited breath to find out what you next words of wisdom will be. And Sacha, after the successful launch of unsaid TV show? What next I asks ye both, what next? And when shall I see thee again, in rain, or hail or shine….cackles from the Northern most witch if I may be so bold.

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