elle-20091I think I’ve taken the whole concept of being windswept and interesting way too far. One of my friends tells me life is all about ‘responding to the ebb and flow of an ever-changing universe’.

Mine is more like gasping for breath in the pounding waves of an agitated sea.

I have a wild and fabulous partner (EB – aka Energiser Bunny) who I’m sure would be diagnosed with ADHD if he was a kid today. We have five blended-not-stirred teenagers between us. I run a professional writing and communication business. And I’m wandering around somewhere near the end of the first draft of my first novel.

Oh… did I mention trying to keep fit (without resorting to jogging); navigating mid-life (without a map); learning French (because I don’t have enough to do); and contemplating writing a non-fiction book about step-parenting (well, they say ‘write what you know’ and we’ve been doing it for thirteen years).

And yes (she struggles to the surface) what I probably need is a cup of tea, a Beck’s and a good lie down. Instead, Sash and I came up with a better idea. Starting our own blog. Well, it seemed like the next logical step – followed closely by getting a cleaner…

Of course, we’re going by our witness protection names here. To protect the guilty. Um, that’d be us… 


elle (aka Louise)avatar1.jpgavatar1.jpg

*Disclaimer: This Elle bears no resemblence to the six-foot-something gorgeous sooper model variety. Oh well.



2 responses

1 10 2007

Fabulous tie-dyed header dahlings! Just love what you’ve done with your site – but ARE YOU INSANE??!! How much more can you wring out of a day!

Then again, I guess there’s a reason why most great artists are alcoholics…

May you always find lead in your pencil, a warm clean body in your bed, and a good friend to toast the impossibility of life with.

Love & luck,

14 04 2010
the cat

I know what you look like and it is a damn sight more gorgeous than any tall Elle. (Apologies if she is reading this, but look lady I don’t know you and really stalking my short friend elle is getting too much. Leave her be in her beauty and bliss tall one. When the next’s installment on the blogsphere baby? Or have you decided this is a way to procrastinate as well?

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